Looking for a building and pest report in Far North Queensland? Cairns Building Inspections & Pest Control covers the areas from Tully in the south, Atherton to the west, the wonderful Daintree in the north as well as all areas within the region of Cairns and our building inspector is among the best inspector in the Far North.

A Cairns Building Inspections and Pest Control Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Report consists of 2 Inspections, a Building Inspection conducted to AS4349.1 and a Timber Pest Inspection conducted to AS4349.3.

Both inspections and reports involve a thorough inspection of the building and its immediate surrounds. All readily and safely accessible areas of the property are inspected including fences, yard, building exterior, building interior, sub-floor, roof exterior and roof voids.

The Building Inspection & Report covers…

Structural Problems including Cracking & Movement, Deformation, Dampness, and Structural Timber Pest Damage.

We also inspect and report on Roof Exterior & Flashings, Defective or Bridged Damp Proof Course, Untradesmanlike Work, Corrosion, Lack of Sub floor Ventilation, Additions & Improvements, Incomplete Construction, Serious Safety Hazards, Major Defects in Secondary & Finishing Elements, Minor Defects in the Condition of Non-Structural Elements.