We offer termite management systems and/or treatments if required as our Timber Pest Inspector has over 20 years experience in dealing with termites and associated problems.

We also make the process easy for you by organising everything from booking to report in less than 24 hours of inspection!

Other Inspection services available from Cairns Building Inspections & Pest Control include Handover Inspections prior to taking possession of your new built home, Asbestos Audits for commercial and residential properties built prior to 2004, and Pool Safety Inspections.

Asbestos Testing and Audits

If you are an owner or are in control of a workplace or commercial premises, you must comply with the Workplace Health & Safety Regulation 1997 in relation to the identification and management of asbestos – failure to do so is an offence.

The legislation outlines specific obligations to employees, workers, contractors and occupants.

All commercial buildings built prior to 2004 are subject to these regulations.

Read about our Asbestos testing and audits.